The coziness of another land

You may have, at some time, yearned to walk along a country footpath, clamber over a stile, and enter a new world that stirred your heart and imagination.  Many of us have discovered England to be such a place:  a nation honoring heroes, heroines, physical battles and spiritual quests, legends and whimsy, architecture and natural beauty.

This blog will introduce some of the stories, landscapes, and personalities to some of you; for others, this will be a place where you can add your own experiences of a land that has treated us as kindred (yes, we had that Big Quarrel in 1776) and inspires us with its history, art, and beauty.  I will begin with some interesting information from my book-in-progress, The Downton Era:  Great Houses, Churchills, and Mitfords; other posts may give travel tips or just be amusing.

Come join me in traveling the history and landscapes of Britain.


Photo credits:  Nancy Parrish


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